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By Filippo Conforti — November 07, 2019

Our new pricing model, explained.

Commerce Layer pricing is changing. Learn more about the reasons behind and how we decided to support our clients better.

TL;DR Commerce Layer is an enterprise-level platform that’s best suited for brands with higher sales volumes. Our pricing model will change soon to better support this kind of customers while staying free for developers. All the existing plans won’t be affected by the new pricing, so in case you are evaluating a switch to a paid plan, we recommend you to do it now, as there will be no better time.

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By Filippo Conforti — April 15, 2019

Back from the JAMstack conference in New York City

Thoughts and takeaways while flying back home and getting ready for the next event in London.

“Change the technology to change the culture.” This is how Matt Biilmann condensed the real revolution behind the JAMstack. It’s not only about going static, serverless, or API-first. It’s about people. And the ones that I finally met in person at the conference are so smart (and friendly) that I can only feel positive about the future of Web.

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By Filippo Conforti — January 31, 2019

Static is the New Dynamic

An opinionated, yet adaptable approach to build enterprise-grade ecommerce, the JAMstack way.

First things first. {static is} The New Dynamic is one of the best resources for developers and designers that are embracing the static web technology. It was founded by Bud Parr in 2014. So thanks for all your great work, Bud. I hope you don’t mind if I borrowed your site name for my new article.

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By Filippo Conforti — October 29, 2018

How to Build Ecommerce Websites in 2019 (Hint: Static)

Static sites are disrupting the web development industry. They are fast, scalable and secure by design. All amazing features that will make your ecommerce shine without breaking the bank.

More than a decade ago, Greg Linden — who used to work at Amazon — reported a test that is still relevant today. In A/B tests, they tried delaying the page in increments of 100 milliseconds and found that even very small delays would result in substantial and costly drops in revenue.

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By Filippo Conforti — August 23, 2018

Why we Created a New Ecommerce Platform

The journey that led us to build Commerce Layer, the platform for digital agencies, e-commerce makers and innovators.

Almost every founder has a we-were-not-satisfied-of-the-existing-solutions-so-we-created-our-own story, and I am no exception. My name is Filippo. I’m the CEO of Commerce Layer, and I want to tell you why — at the age of 40 — I thought that the world needed (yet) another e-commerce platform.

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