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Handle stock transfers and optimize your order fulfillment with our new Stock Transfers app.

January 25, 2024 Daniel Oh

Stock transfers play a crucial role in managing inventory for businesses, especially if you’re a brand with distributed inventory across multiple locations. Moving stock from one location to another is essential to meet customer demands, especially for popular items where orders need to be backfilled quickly with a stock transfer. That’s why we’re happy to announce the release of our new Stock Transfers app. This new app empowers your backroom staff to manage stock transfers whenever orders require one, allowing you to maintain a distributed inventory model without disrupting demand.

Managing stock transfers in our Dashboard

When you approve and capture an order that requires a stock transfer, the shipment will be put on hold and flagged “Awaiting stock transfer”.

Once you click into the shipment, you’ll see which SKUs require a stock transfer. You’ll also see the stock location that the inventory will be transferred from. Click into the stock transfer link highlighted in blue on the SKU in question. This will take you to the new Stock Transfers app.

Once you’re in the app, you’ll see all the key information behind the stock transfer such as:

  • the origin and destination of the transfer
  • the order and shipment associated with the transfer
  • the inventory being transferred

If for any reason the stock transfer needs to be put on hold, you have the option to do so. Otherwise, once it’s in transit, you can mark it as such. Once the transfer has been received by the destination and properly processed, you can mark it as complete and the shipment can start packing.

Seeing it in action

Customer Service and Fulfillment teams will find this new app especially handy. For example, a luxury brand that manages distributed inventory across a global network of stores and warehouses. Let’s say a local influencer decides to wear a dress for that brand, therefore creating a viral demand that immediately cleans out inventory within a given region.

The Stock Transfers App makes it easy for backroom operations staff to keep orders and shipments running. By transferring stock from other locations to fulfill local demand, the brand can continue to leverage the moment and customers will get what they want.

Providing better tools for your operations staff

Our new Stock Transfer app provides a comprehensive solution to streamline your inventory management and meet customer demands more efficiently. By offering visibility into stock transfers, this tool not only simplifies operations but also empowers your staff to make informed decisions.

We’d love to hear your feedback about our Stock Transfers app, as well as the rest of our Order Management suite. Join our community on Slack! and let us know what you think!

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