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Every ecommerce has its own complexity and specific requirements and we don't believe in building a bunch of one-size-fits-all pricing plans as seen on the most popular SaaS platforms. You might have a huge catalog with thousands of products and need advanced search and filtering capabilities or maybe you just sell one product through your online magazine but need different prices for different countries. Whatever your business model and size, we can work together to define a custom plan for each of your projects. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with your agency and this is why we want you to get the best possible deal. In order for you to get an idea of your project costs, we have created some possible scenarios below.

Example 01: Startup business

Let's say you just need to start selling your products in one market, with a single catalog, a couple of languages, a single price list in one currency and one stock location. In the first months of your business you are going to invest in your brand identity and you want to give your customers a full featured purchase experience on your ecommerce website, with full-text search capabilities, advanced filtering and fast checkout. In this phase, you want to test your market but you are going to allocate a low budget to your marketing activities, that will drive a low volume of orders to your online store. With such a scenario, you can expect a 300/400 € monthly billing from Commerce Layer, which can been considered as our most basic pricing plan.

Example 02: Small business

Your brand is growing popularity and you have decided to expand your business across all Europe, translating your content in 4 languages and integrating 2 different shipping carriers, one for your home country and one for all the other destinations. For some of your markets, you are going to sell your products through your distributors, that will have their own merchant accounts, payment gateways and stock models. You also hired a web marketing firm to drive your Google Adwords campaigns and to manage your social activities on Instagram and Pinterest. Your orders volume is increasing and your monthly billing from Commerce Layer is getting around 1.200/1.300 €.

Example 03: Medium business

You have made an agreement with a US based distributor that will manage your business in the United States, shipping from a local warehouse and leveraging their existing shipping carrier accounts. You also developed an iPhone app, with a specific catalog and offering and you have created a B2B website, with a different price list for each of your business customer groups. Your multi-channel sales volume is getting large and you decided to switch to an annual billing of 25.000 €.

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