A Q&A with Commerce Layer's CTO about our caching strategy.

The future of commerce is headless, and global.

Commerce Layer is the headless solution for fast growing brands.

What is headless commerce?

Headless commerce is an ecommerce architecture in which the frontend layer (the head) is decoupled from the backend logic. It is a simple, yet powerful approach that overcomes the limitations of traditional solutions, where all components—from presentation layer to database—are tightly coupled into one single monolithic platform. The headless backend provides all functions and data via API, that stay consistent across different customer touchpoints and sales channels.

What are the benefits of a decoupled architecture?

A decoupled architecture brings many benefits. It allows you to start your development workflow as it should be: from a business and creative perspective. A headless approach enables marketing departments to design any customer experience and lift the limitations of a templated solution. Developers are able to use the programming languages and tools of their choice, supporting their business users with cutting edge technology.

For global brands.

Selling internationally is an amazing opportunity that brands can't ignore, but it comes at a price. Different countries have their own trade rules, which will influence success or downfall. Factors like foreign government regulation, exchange rates, custom duties, taxes, and cultural differences can affect merchants from participating in global commerce. Thus, there is a need for solutions to simplify the global market transition process and curb the challenges faced by business owners.

Traditional platforms weren’t built for the way commerce runs today.

All brands that run their businesses on traditional solutions are struggling to live up to the shopping experiences their customers expect. Monolithic platforms were built for desktop. They are not ready to support the new requirements of global brands and are patching their technology to provide some workarounds. But this is not enough, and clients are noticing.

Commerce Layer is radically different from the ground up.

Unlike traditional solutions, Commerce Layer was built for the new era. It natively supports the most modern development workflows, such as the Jamstack. Developers from all around the world are using Commerce Layer to build outstanding shopping experiences, helping brands to go headless the right way and scale their business globally.

Commerce Layer’s entirely new approach makes commerce better in every way.

Filippo ConfortiFounder of Commerce Layer