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October 27, 2022 Daniel Oh

We’ve been working hard to enhance our native reporting functions and ultimately give clients the ability to extract, organize, and analyze any data they want from our platform. Today, we’re happy to announce the public release of our Metrics API, a brand new API that enables our clients to do all of the above.

Like most of our releases, we designed the Metrics API without opinion on the metrics we present. Most solutions either offer dashboards that calculate metrics in a pre-determined way or expose raw data access without any tools to provide deeper analysis, which necessitates clients to pipe the data into a data warehouse before analyzing it with a BI tool.

We went a bit further to provide more power and convenience for internal analysts reading the data and developers building reports and dashboards. The Metrics API exposes all the data we can regarding customer transactions on Commerce Layer, and it also can calculate and process that data as a response to a query. By enabling analysis from the API itself, you don’t have to recreate that same logic in your BI tools.

Analyze data from the API itself

Reporting is a crucial part of any piece of software, especially when it comes to services that handle the most critical parts of your business. That said, many ecommerce solutions are often quite limited when it comes to reporting. Some may gate metrics behind their own opinionated dashboards, others may only offer raw data exports that require brands to set up other services to store and visualize the data.

If you have an existing BI set up that only needs raw data to work, the Metrics API can make a simple query to the API to pull as much data as you want to your desired destination. But if you don’t have access to a sophisticated BI and want to measure KPIs from your commerce data, we also enable powerful analysis directly within the API query such as:

  • Calculating total sales by market, SKU, promotion, and more.
  • Measuring return rates by market, SKU, promotion, and more.
  • Finding out which markets are driving the most orders.
  • Identify which SKUs tend to be left in abandoned carts.
  • Identify customers with repeat purchases and reach out to them to join a loyalty program.

And much, much more!

Start experimenting with the Metrics API

As a brand new API, the Metrics API is currently available to all Commerce Layer customers as part of our open beta period. As you use the API, we'd love to hear any and all kinds of feedback on how we can improve it.

Once the beta period is over, the Metrics API will only be available to our Enterprise customers.

We’ve added comprehensive documentation on the types of queries, filters, and searches you can do with the Metrics API, all of which you can find here. We’d also love to hear what you think — about the Metrics API or the rest of our platform — and would love to have you as part of our growing Slack community.

Want to see it in action? Request a demo.