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Introducing our My Account application.

December 22, 2022 Daniel Oh

For brands building composable stores, creating a customer account function from scratch takes a lot of work and can delay time-to-market. Today, we’re proud to announce the public release of our My Account application that enables customers to manage their order and address information. In future releases, the application will also enable payment and return management as well.

The My Account application provides customer account function out-of-the-box, and can also act as a starting point or reference for a customized customer account application.

The My Account application

The My Account application is a React-based application that supplies the customer account function for the store. The application manages:


  • Get a summary of the customer's orders
  • Track parcels in transit
  • Gain information about a specific order, including:
    • The order summary information with line items and total amounts
    • Billing and shipping address
    • Shipments associated with the order
    • Payment method associated with the order


  • Create an address for billing or shipping
  • Edit existing addresses
  • Delete old addresses

For faster time-to-market, use the application as-is

For brands that are prioritizing fast time-to-market and/or don’t require a sophisticated customer account function, we recommend using the hosted My Account application by itself. Implementing it is as simple as getting an access token from your sales channel and plugging it into this URL:


Similar to our Hosted Checkout and Hosted Cart solutions, Commerce Layer will handle any updates and improvements to the application.

If customization is required, fork the repo!

Of course, if there’s a specific use case that the My Account application doesn’t natively address, fork the repo and start tweaking. Using this method does require brands to host the application themselves, and any support/updates to the application will have to be manually implemented.

This option is recommended for brands that have sophisticated customer account requirements, or would rather take more ownership over the components that power their store.

Building your own application? Use the repo as a reference!

For developers building their own application or embedding customer account functions into their existing user area, the My Account repo can be a great reference to go along with our React components and Typescript SDK to get things off the ground.

Let us know what you think!

Take a look at our documentation and start playing around with the My Account application. If you have any feedback or questions, join our Slack community and let us know what you think!

Want to see it in action? Request a demo.