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Get 100 free orders per month with our new Startup plan.

May 5, 2022 Simone Fiorucci

Today, we are introducing an update to Commerce Layer pricing plans intended to help our customers get the very most out of their businesses. We have added new benefits to our Startup plan, including 100 free orders per month. We are also launching a new Growth plan for businesses that are scaling, but not ready for a large‑scale engagement. Our Enterprise plan remains our custom offering, with white‑glove service that includes dedicated customer success managers and a dedicated Slack channel for your company.

Read more for the details about our new pricing options.

Enterprise-grade, available to anyone

Commerce layer is free to anyone to start building, and everyone always has access to the enterprise-level features across our platform. That has always been the case, and will remain that way. Our composable, headless API is perfect for both early-stage startups, fast-growing businesses, and the largest brands on the internet. Even if you're not there yet, our core offering will get you thinking about a multi-market strategy. We natively offer:

These enterprise-grade features are available on all plans, starting day 1. And, with over 400 API endpoints and 100 webhooks, you can build whatever you need, any way you want.

Why the changes?

We want you to start with the right foundation that helps you grow your business. You may already know this, but we have never implemented a revenue-sharing pricing strategy, something that would benefit Commerce Layer more than it would benefit you. We want the price to use Commerce Layer to be sustainable without eating away at your profits. With these new changes, we are taking an even bigger step in helping your business grow.

New plan details

The Startup plan

Starting today, you can launch your ecommerce site and start getting paid… for free. The first 100 transactions per month are now free, and any additional order costs only $0.90, just like before.

The plan includes 1 organization, 2 users, 1,000 SKUs, and 2 markets, enabling a wide catalog of products for an early-stage business, plus the opportunity to start selling in more than one market from the beginning.

The Growth plan

Jumping from a Startup plan to a fully-custom contract can be daring. That’s why we created the Growth plan, an intermediate self-service option that helps you transition to the next level.

The Growth plan offers a number of volume discounts including:

  • 1,000 orders.
  • $0.80 for additional orders beyond 1,000.
  • 2 organizations.
  • 5 users.
  • 10,000 SKUs.
  • 5 markets so you can start to unlock international sales and different business models.
  • All the other great features already available in the Startup plan.

For scaling brands that have product-market fit, this plan is a perfect next step.

The Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan is meant for large-scale businesses already selling internationally and driving thousands of orders per month, per day, or even per minute. With unlimited organizations, users, markets, and SKUs, you’ll not only have the full power of the platform behind you, but also that of Commerce Layer’s in-house experts. Our dedicated technical support and customer success teams will be extensions of your own, from implementation to go-live to whatever your next important ecommerce milestone might be.

What if you already subscribed to the Startup plan?

Current Startup plans won’t be affected by the changes, nor will they be automatically upgraded to the new version. You can switch to the new Startup plan from your admin dashboard when you want. For example, if your current business requirements fit into the 2 markets / 1,000 SKUs limit, you can update your plan and get the 100 monthly orders for free. Otherwise, you can choose to stick with your current plan. We guarantee zero service interruptions.

Likewise, if your business is scaling fast and you realize the Growth plan is the most convenient option for you, you will be able to upgrade when ready.

At any time, as your sales and business requirements increase, you can always choose to request an Enterprise plan, leveraging our premium features that will enable global scale. Just get in touch and ask for a custom quote.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch.

We believe that this is an unparalleled change in the ecommerce market. 100 free orders per month can be a game-changer for any early-stage ecommerce business. On top of that, it’s an opportunity for developers to test a project in production, receiving real orders, free of charge.

If you have any questions about this update, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer and clarify any doubts.