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Inventory Management

Stock Locations

SKUs are used to track availability and stock variations of an item to be sold. Users can manage the inventory by creating stock locations. In this section, you will learn about stock locations and how to associate them with inventory stock locations, return stock locations, stock items, and a unique address.
Stock locations relationship with inventory management related resources

What is a stock location?

Stock locations contain stock items (the available inventory of an SKU) that are to be sold. They are the building blocks of inventory models. Businesses can determine SKUs that should be maintained from production until order fulfillment. An organization may have one or more stock locations, each with its unique address.

You can manage SKUs' inventory, including raw materials, processed, and finished products, in a stock location. This allows a merchant to track what SKUs are available for sale and manage their availability from one or more stock locations.

The list of inventory stock locations determines the availability of SKUs that are being purchased. The list of return stock locations determines the available options for returns.

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