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SKU Options

SKUs are associated with many SKU options, and each SKU option is associated with one or more line item options and line items. In this section, you will learn about SKU options and how to offer additional personalization services for one or more SKUs.
SKU options and line item options relationship with SKUs and line items

What is an SKU option?

SKU options represent any custom personalization or additional service defined by a market. Customers can add these options to selected SKUs during an order. The additional service can affect the price or delivery lead time of an SKU (due to an update to the preparation time). Any additional cost from these services will be automatically added to the line item’s amount. When an SKU option is added to an order, the order will be filtered with updated results displayed to the customer.

SKU options are predefined by users per market with the related SKU codes, delay time, or price. This can include services like engraving, customized prints, customized wrapping, and more. You need to create a line item option if you want to add one or more SKU options to a line item, and the SKU options cost is automatically added to the line item’s amount.

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