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SKU Lists

Users can group many SKUs in a custom list and access them in several useful ways, especially in promotion or loyalty programs. In this section, you will learn about how to group and manipulate SKUs.
SKU lists / SKU / Promotions relationship

What is an SKU list?

SKU lists are used to group many SKUs. The list is hence filtered and exposed to customers in the presentation layer. Users can create SKU lists by selecting and sorting the SKU list items from the available SKUs (manually) or by creating and sorting the SKU list items through a regular expression (automatically).

SKU Lists allows users to create custom lists of SKUs that can be fetched and used in a few useful ways like:

  • Filtering, showing, or applying some rule to selected SKUs (including their prices and availability).
  • Enabling and managing promotion for a set of SKUs.
  • Restricting the action of a promotion to a set of SKUs.

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