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Promotions and Gift Cards

Merchants can give promotion discounts to specific customers in specific markets. In this section, you will learn about promotions and how customers can make purchases using the gift card payment method.
Promotion, Coupon and Gift Card resources relationships


Promotions allow merchants to offer special discounts to customers. Commerce Layer currently supports some promotions (and more to come):

  • Percentage Discount.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Fixed Amount.

Users can create different promotions from the available promotion types. Commerce Layer also lets you integrate any promotional engine that is not supported by default as an external promotion. Every promotion will be configured with rules that must be satisfied to activate the promotion. The activation rules can include the market, the time range of validity, order amount, coupon code(s), etc.

Some promotions can be reserved for only specific customers. Either via a VIP/private sales business model between a business and a private customer group. Only customers who belong to the VIP customer group will have access to all promotions in the market. Customers will get the price list and promotions associated with the customer group they belong to.

Activation rules

Activation rules are the rules that must be satisfied before a promotion is activated. If no activation rule is associated with an active promotion, the related discount will be applied to all the orders of the market. These rules include:

  • Time range of validity — the activation and expiration time of the promotion.
  • Market — the market to which this promotion belongs.
  • Total usage limit — the total number of times this promotion can be applied.
  • Order amount — the amount an order's total must be for the promotion to be activated.
  • SKU list — the SKUs an order must contain for the promotion to be activated.
  • Coupon — the coupon codes must be applied for the promotion to be activated.

Users can update the rules for any promotion at any time. Promotions set with the SKU list rule have two options. Promotion can be activated if the order contains any SKUs within the selected list or if the order contains all of the SKUs within the selected list.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a unique type of payment method. Customers can purchase gift cards and use them to pay for an order. All gift cards must be activated before being used. There are two types of gift cards:

  • Rechargeable gift cards — card balance can be used and reloaded at any time.
  • Single-use gift cards — card balance can only be used once.

The availability or usage of gift cards can be restricted by associating the gift card to a market(s). The market's currency must match the card's currency.

Gift card recipients

Gift card recipients allow users to associate a recipient with a purchased gift card. When a customer purchases a gift card, they might want to send it to a recipient. Users will integrate an email or transaction service to send an email to the recipient or physically print the gift card and ship it to the recipient.

When a gift card is redeemed, the gift card recipient is associated with the customer that placed the order.

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