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Parcels and Packages

Approved orders will be shipped using the selected shipping methods and delivery options during an order. In this section, you will learn about how an order is processed and arranged for shipment.
Package and Parcel resources and their relationships in shipping management


Parcels are shipping line items in customers' orders, which are split for shipment. A shipment can be split into two or more parcels and can be tracked using the shipping carrier integration. The parcel includes the order's shipping label and will eventually be delivered in a package to the assigned customer's shipping address. The parcel also includes tracking information about the parcel. Customers can use this information to monitor their shipment(s).

Parcel line items

Parcel line items are the SKUs in a parcel. If a shipment line item in a shipment is not split, the parcel line items are the shipment line item's SKUs. If a shipment line item is split, then the line items will be split into more than one parcel line item. A single shipment line item can also be split into more than one parcel line item.


Packages are physical packs or boxes stored in a stock location with specific sizes and ready for shipment. A package can contain two or more parcels. Each stock location in a market can have its own set of defined packages with pre-defined package length, weight, and height. Shipping carriers will use the dimensions of a package to calculate shipping rates.

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