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OET's growth ambitions now enabled by fully composable architecture.

OET, headquartered in Australia, is the world’s leading provider of English language tests specifically for healthcare professionals across 12 disciplines. OET is recognised and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and more.

As an established category leader with expansion opportunities, OET was seeking a flexible architecture that could support their ambitious roadmap. They found Commerce Layer.

The challenge

Growth ambitions needed to be supported by their platform

Given their leadership position and global reach, OET aimed to elevate their online experience for candidates and partners in alignment with the high standards set by their product. For OET, this meant implementing a regional commerce strategy that would deliver localization that would scale their global business.

OET’s platform initially supported two currencies, AUD and USD, across the countries they served. However, as part of their growth strategy, OET recognized the opportunity to enhance their offerings. This included implementing fully localized business rules and introducing new services to cater to the diverse needs of their expanding audience.

The solution

A flexible and highly scalable composable stack

OET’s digital roadmap included expanding to new markets, adding a B2B business model, and offering subscriptions. It was time to replatform away from WordPress and WooCommerce and up level their architecture. They chose a composable stack with Commerce Layer as their core transactional engine. Their stack included:

  • Commerce Layer for commerce and full order lifecycle
  • Agility for for CMS and DAM
  • Algolia for search
  • Auth0 for authentication
  • Omneo for profile management and interactions
  • SendGrid for transactional emails
  • Next.js and Vercel for frontend development
The result

A smooth migration within six months

The launch was deemed a success due to its smooth migration to a fully composable architecture within six months. In partnership with Arkade, a customer experience and software development agency, OET’s phase 1 priority was to completely replatform their technology stack, supporting their current functionality and services as a baseline. This approach enabled them to focus on learning the new technology components before embarking on their ambitious business roadmap.

With a strong B2C foundation in place and an understanding of the true extensibility of their new platform, OET can add new capabilities at a faster pace. OET’s product owners have immediately embarked on delivering online capabilities for their B2B partners, providing new offerings and introducing greater automation and efficiency in managing the operational aspects of the relationships. The roadmap also includes new market expansion with localized services, subscription services, and personalized experiences for their customers across devices — all with the goal of providing a best-in-class digital experience.

We attribute the successful launch to selecting the right partners — our agency, Arkade, and our technology partners of which Commerce Layer is the cornerstone. OET.com now serves as the jumping off point to pursuing a robust roadmap.

Steven AlexanderGeneral Manager of Product and Innovation at OET

Choosing a set of independent microservices has allowed us at Arkade to create custom solutions quickly and efficiently, reduce costs and increase agility, and support the development of new functionality and features.

Peter ChangDelivery Lead at Arkade