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How Non-stop dogwear 3x’d online sales by meeting international demand.

  • "ship to" countries added

  • growth in online sales penetration

  • increase in 2021 online sales

  • increase in 2022 sales targets

Founded in Norway, Non-stop dogwear designs and produces professional gear for active dogs and their humans. The first product they created in 2009 was a harness for Hårek, a talented and beloved dog who competed in skijoring. By observing his free running movement, the founding team developed the first prototype of the Freemotion harness that released Hårek’s true and full potential without restricting his movement or breathing.

The challenge

Scaling their tech stack as fast as their demand

Non-stop dogwear knew their current tech stack wasn’t capable of putting them in new markets to meet international demand or letting them act quickly on their roadmap. A traditional all-in-one solution wasn’t going to be able to fit their needs.

They needed to:

  • launch in new markets along with growing demand
  • accept multiple currencies without worrying about conversions
  • be able to adjust their priorities and add new capabilities quickly
  • have direct control over their roadmap to leverage new opportunities
  • implement a tech stack that could scale as fast as demand
The solution

A headless tech stack for multi-market flexibility

Non-stop dogwear approached their technology choices as they did with their original product development process, with an open mind and a blank canvas. The ecommerce team was empowered to choose the best technology solutions for their business and sought to compose a stack that would let them move quickly and freely.

Non-stop dogwear ultimately decided on a headless solution built on the Jamstack architecture. This gave them built-in scalability and extensibility. During their research they consulted with Commerce Layer’s team of commerce experts.

Being natively multi-market, Commerce Layer’s API would give them the ability to scale internationally. Non-stop dogwear could configure any combination of the following at the market level:

  • Stock location(s)
  • Price list
  • Currency
  • Tax calculation
  • Payment providers
  • Shipping methods

The best part? This could all be done in one instance.

Now, Non-stop dogwear ships to 74 countries and can further customize the experience. This architecture has also given Non-stop dogwear the flexibility to explore other business models and support distinct customer groups.

Non-stop dogwear came to value Commerce Layer’s support, responsiveness and the domain expertise of the team which became a contributing factor in their final selection.

Commerce Layer does one thing — powering our global commerce — and does it very well. I know when we grow 10x, we can still use Commerce Layer.

Hugo RettienHead of Digital at Non-stop dogwear
The result

Sales more than tripled in the year post-launch

Non-stop dogwear more than tripled online sales in 2021 and have their sights on a 2.5x multiple for 2022.

  • Scaled the business internationally
    With a flexible market and inventory data model, Non-stop dogwear scaled quickly beyond Norway, Finland and Sweden, selling and shipping to 74 countries in 7 currencies.
  • Strong site performance
    Deploying a modern framework delivered on a fast and secure shopping experience.
  • Intuitive dashboard
    Business users can manage their daily operations (e.g. promotions, order review) without reliance on technical support. Going best‑of‑breed ensured they would be working with the best tools for their role.
  • Extensibility
    Non-stop dogwear has the confidence that the solution can continue to support their roadmap well into the future — whether by configuration or through adding extensions.

To complete the stack, they selected Directus as their headless CMS and Gatsby as their static site generator.

Commerce Layer
Commerce Layer

Transactional commerce API that lets you add multi-market ecommerce to any digital experience, making any content shoppable.

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Open data platform for headless content management, enabling no-code data discovery within any SQL database.

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React-based open-source framework with performance, scalability, and security built-in.

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AWS Cloudfront

Global CDN service built for high-speed, low-latency performance, security, and developer ease-of-use.

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Stripe and PayPal

Payment gateway integrations, pre-built within Commerce Layer. 3DS2-ready, PSD2-compliant.

Checkout flow set up in seven currencies.
Non-stop dogwear
Non-stop dogwear

Non-stop dogwear specializes in developing innovative, reliable, and ergonomically designed gear for active dogs and humans. They believe everyone can unleash their full potential with the right equipment. Their gear is developed, tested, and used by world-leading athletes within several sports and under extreme conditions. Non-stop dogwear wants to inspire dogs and owners around the world to be active together.