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Mentra by SATS tests new product concept quickly with Commerce Layer.

Mentra by SATS started as an entrepreneurial business unit within SATS, the Nordic’s largest network of fitness centers. They wanted to test directly in‑market, a new digital home training concept to supplement their physical gyms. The project team had complete autonomy in branding the offering as well as choosing their commerce solution. This afforded them speed to market and eliminated dependencies on third party consultants.

Mentra chose Commerce Layer as the heart of their composable commerce solution along with Contentful as their headless CMS. From the start of the project to orders placed successfully, took only 2 months.

Testing a new product offering in‑market and working without technical or organizational constraints was a thoroughly rewarding experience for developers. We were able to bring a new idea to life, test and learn directly with customers, and retain those elements that resonated and bring them back into SATS.

Thomas TorpNordic Tech Lead at Mentra by SATS

Thomas adds: "We appreciated the domain expertise and dedication that Commerce Layer provided. Having a direct communication channel through Slack and fast responses to our questions from their CTO and his team was key to our speedy time to market. They were an ideal partner for us in how we wanted to run this initiative."

Mentra by SATS is now SATS Online.