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Connecting LEGO stores with their local community.

Percassi, through their LEGO Certified Store company, is the official distributor of LEGO products in Italy and Spain. As a major franchisor, they are engaged in the development and management of sales networks for global brands such as Gucci, Nike and Starbucks.

To support a network of over 20 LEGO stores across Italy, the LEGO Certified Store developed a digital app to extend their stores and build long-lasting relationships with their local customers. The app allows LEGO collectors of all ages to browse through the entire LEGO catalog, find the pieces they want, and shop the latest collections before picking them up in store.

The composable stack powering mobile

LEGO Certified Store chose Commerce Layer as their composable commerce solution along with Contentful as their headless CMS. The stack includes:

  • Commerce engine — Commerce Layer
  • Payment gateway — Credit cards via Adyen and PayPal
  • CMS — Contentful
  • Search — Based on Contentful attributes
  • Identity management — Auth0 and social login

Mapping Commerce Layer’s API to Contentful’s content model tree

The product catalog and editorial content are both managed through Contentful where the navigation reflects the content model. Each LEGO product is associated with one or more sub-categories which are then associated with a larger parent category. For example, the Super Mario kit would be found under the "Super Mario Collection" sub-category, which would then fold up to the "Kits" parent category that’s visible from the main navigation.

At the top of the content model tree, there is the catalog that acts as the container for all categories. To make each product shoppable, Commerce Layer’s transaction engine is simply linked at the top and the bottom of Contentful’s content model tree, which is made easy through the pre-built integration between the two services.

At the top of the hierarchy, their catalog in Contentful is linked to a market in Commerce Layer by simply adding Commerce Layer’s market ID to the catalog in Contentful. A Commerce Layer market defines the business rules that apply to all orders for that catalog. This includes the associated price list / currency, available promotions, accepted payment methods, and sourced stock locations.

And at the bottom of the tree, SKUs in Commerce Layer are linked to products in Contentful to display the price and inventory availability information.

Launching in four months

Within four months, LEGO Certified Store launched their new composable mobile app to the delight of their Italian customers. They were able to build a beautiful mobile experience from the ground up, which included setting up all content and product data within Contentful and all commerce data within Commerce Layer.

We are pleased to promote our local stores and deepen their relationship with loyal customers in their community. We plan to continue expanding our services through this digital channel and our partnership with Commerce Layer.

Marco VisentinAccount Manager at LEGO