Expanding possibilities with our new promotion endpoints and improvements.

Lampoo future-proofs online shopping with composable commerce.

Lampoo, the Italian luxury resale service, brings to life the thrill of second-hand luxury through an experience that is fast, easy and rewarding. Its platform provides customers a new way to shop responsibly by choosing quality pre-owned luxury pieces over new ones, helping to build a more sustainable future for fashion by extending the life cycle of every product sold.

With a sustainable future in mind, Lampoo was born in 2019 as an innovative consignment service that allows customers to sell pre-loved items quickly and easily, and an online marketplace where anyone can shop the highest quality authenticated luxury fashion and accessories at fair prices. It is anchored by a boutique in Milan and in London.

The luxury resale market has grown substantially in recent years and is especially popular with digitally savvy consumers, including Gen Z and millennials. As a result, a strong ecommerce platform that can meet this ballooning demand and expand their resale platform to new international markets is a key priority for Lampoo.

We wanted the quality of our online shopping experience to mirror that of our luxury clothing. Our former ecommerce platform made that impossible and couldn’t keep pace with our growth aspirations. Commerce Layer’s composable commerce platform allows Lampoo to create customized shopping experiences we never thought possible, and enables us to expand to new markets with ease.

Renato CasonCTO at Lampoo

With Commerce Layer’s composable, transactional application programming interface (API), Lampoo sees the following benefits:

  • Unlimited creative potential
    Developers can build faster and are happier as a result — without the need to manage individual instances in each respective market.
  • Easily manage personalized promotions and pricing
    Lampoo can configure market-specific rules to create localized price lists and inventory strategies, all managed from a single instance and without currency conversion fees.
  • Enhance and expand how it sells products internationally
    Unlike monolithic solutions that require laborious and time-consuming refactoring, with Commerce Layer, Lampoo can easily sell on any digital channel.
  • Zero-lag shopping experiences
    Inventory availability is synced in real-time and pages load faster compared to monolithic ecommerce platforms. For every one-tenth of a second in page load time a retailer trims, conversions can increase, while average order value can climb 9.2%. By shrinking page load times, a business can more than double the conversion rate.

Lampoo selected Commerce Layer over many leading commerce solutions and has integrated it with Commerce Layer’s composable partners, DatoCMS and Algolia for search.

Full case study to follow.