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Commerce Layer has been designed from the ground up to provide agencies and developers with a simple, yet powerful solution to manage multiple ecommerce projects within the same account. The steps below explain how it works and the procedure to follow to get started and build your first ecommerce through the API.

1. Get your free account

The first step to start working with Commerce Layer is to get your free developer account. The account creation is not public but we ask you to fill in a quick form in order to get in touch with us. After your request, our team will contact you to learn more about your Company and the ecommerce that you want to build through our API. The goal is to understand if our platform and pricing is in target with your requirements and expectations and if we are a good fit for your needs. Otherwise, we will be the first to advise on a different solution.

2. Play with the API

If we'll both agree that Commerce Layer can actually be the right solution for you, we will create your account (for free) and your developers will have the chance to get their feet wet and start playing with the API by interacting with a sample products catalog and a test payment gateway to complete their first checkout. We believe that their feedback will be by far more effective than dozens of shiny demos.

3. Get your custom pricing

Knowing that each customer has their own complexity and needs, we have created a flexible and scalable pricing model that will let us define a custom plan for your first organization, which is the first customer that you'll want to be powered by Commerce Layer. Once agreed on the pricing and the terms and conditions, we will ultimately sign a contract and your account will be unlocked to be production-ready.

4. Configure your account

After your account will be created, we will assist you with all the required configuration, from users and roles to environments, markets, catalogs, payment gateways, shipping carriers, workflows and so on. Don't be scared: the entire process will take minutes — not months — and you will be up and running very quickly, building any sales channel you'll want to create first: ecommerce website, marketplace, mobile app or IoT device.

5. Develop and test

With everything ready, your developers will start building and testing their own solution, using the language and technology that they like best while leveraging Commerce Layer API for any commerce functionality that they'll want to integrate. Our team will always be at their disposal to provide advice and custom tailored documentation to get the best results from their work, all included in your monthly plan.

6. Go live!

Whatever the platfom, every go-live is always a special and challenging moment. The good news is that with Commerce Layer all the infrastructure, security and performance tasks will be on us and your pre-flight check will be just focused on the creativity, the content and the UX/UI aspects of your front-end. Not to mention that after your very first project, your developers will have improved their confidence with the API, maybe they will also have built some re-usable components and the second project will be even faster.

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